How To Get Sugar Out Of Carpet: 6 Easy Steps For Stain Removal

Knowing how to get sugar out of carpet can be tricky, especially considering that sugar can be in solid or liquid form and leave behind some nasty stains.

For granulated sugar the best method is to simply vacuum the sugar away or use a carpet sweeper if you don’t have a vacuum. For sugary stains, you should remove excess residue, blot and then apply a solution of white vinegar and water to tackle the stain – leave the area to dry afterwards and then use baking soda to eliminate any remaining odors.

Let’s jump straight into the methods you can use depending on the condition of the sugar, and then we can address some frequently asked questions surrounding the topic.

Granulated Sugar Spills

If you have spilt some regular table sugar onto your carpet then the easiest way to remove it is to simply vacuum it up.

Do this as quickly as possible and you should be able to get rid of all the sugar without leaving a mark behind, but what should you do when you don’t have access to a vacuum?

How To Get Sugar Out Of Carpet Without A Vacuum

If you don’t have access to a vacuum, a carpet sweeper can get rid of granulated sugar quite easily from carpet.

If the sugar was spilt on a rug, you can also opt to lift it up and try to shake out the majority of the sugar and then sweep it up off the floor.

Dealing With Clumps Of Sugar

If the sugar has clumped up then you can simply break these down with your fingers before vacuuming to make them easier to remove.

Dealing With Sugar Stains: 6 Easy Steps

Sugar stains can be caused by a lot of things, but the method for removing them is pretty much the same in most cases.

The method below can deal with stains caused by sugary liquids easily, so follow the steps carefully to get your carpet looking new. If the sugar stain is old and dried out, skip ahead to step 3 to get started.

1. Remove Excess Residue

If you’ve spilt something sugary and thick, like syrup or even ice cream, then you need to scrape away any excess quickly.

Take a dull scraper or knife and gently remove any residue that can be taken off easily. The key to this step is to apply little to no pressure directly into the carpet as you will just press the residue into the fibers.

2. Blot Excess Liquid

Once the excess has been removed take a dry dishcloth or rag and gently blot any remaining liquid.

This is an easy step that will make it easier to clean the stain left behind, just be sure to press gently again as you don’t want to press the liquid deeper into the fibers.

3. Apply Stain Removing Solution

Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water together in a container or empty spray bottle and apply it to the stain using a dishcloth or non-abrasive scrubber.

Work the solution into the stain and then gently blot with a clean towel or dishcloth once you are happy that the stain has been removed.

4. Rinse The Area

After you’ve tackled the stain rinse the area through with a dishcloth dipped in water.

The goal here isn’t to soak the carpet, so don’t use a lot of water, but to rinse through any remaining residue from either the stain or the cleaning solution. Gently blot again afterwards and move on to step 5.

5. Leave to Dry

After rinsing the stain through it should be damp, but most importantly all of the sugar stain should be removed.

At this stage, you need to let the carpet dry out fully, as the next step requires baking soda to get rid of any remaining odors or grease.

6. Apply Baking Soda

Once you’re sure the carpet is fully dry, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire area and leave it overnight.

In the morning, vacuum it away. Baking soda has lots of benefits for your carpet, and it will get rid of any odors that are left, as well as grease and oils.


How Do You Get Sugar Syrup Out Of Carpet?

If you spill sugar syrup it can be a bit more tricky to remove, so we have covered this topic in more depth in a dedicated guide.

The general method is very similar to that outlined in this article, but it involves trying a handful of different cleaning agents to get the syrup out of the carpet fully.

How Do You Make The Carpet Unsticky?

The sticky residue that is left behind from sugar will be removed during the distilled white vinegar cleaning stage, so you won’t have to worry about it.

You will likely encounter this problem if you don’t remove all of the sugar properly, as when it starts to dry out it can become very sticky – so getting rid of all of it is the top priority.

How Do You Clean Sugar Off The Floor?

On hard surfaces such as hardwood or laminate, you can easily vacuum sugar away with no problems at all.

If your floor is properly sealed you can also take a wet rag or towel to wipe the sugar away.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have a good understanding of how to get sugar out of carpet by reading this article.

If you have only spilt granulated sugar then you can easily remove it using a vacuum, and for sugar stains our method will work wonders for getting rid of them entirely. If you have any other techniques that you have had success with for removing sugar from carpet then don’t hesitate to get in touch.