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How To Get Syrup Out Of Carpet

How To Get Syrup Out Of Carpet

If you want to learn how to get syrup out of carpet you’ve come to the right place.

Our favorite method involves removing any excess syrup with a knife and then using warm water and a sponge to soften the rest of the syrup. You can then use either water, dish soap or ammonia to tackle the remaining stain.

Let’s jump straight into the detailed steps so you can get rid of any syrup that you may have spilt straight away.

How To Get Syrup Out Of Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

Before you start you will need to collect a few items listed below. Take note that you don’t need carpet shampoo or ammonia solution to get started, but if the dish soap or water steps don’t work then you may need to get them.

  • Butter Knife/Spoon
  • Dish Soap
  • Non-abrasive Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Ammonia (Optional)
  • Carpet Shampoo (Optional)
  • Warm Water
  • Mixing Container (Bowl, etc)

Once you have gathered these items you are ready to go.

1. Scrape Excess Syrup With A Knife/Spoon

The first thing to do is to scrape away any excess syrup that hasn’t stuck to the carpet.

To do this, take a butter knife or metal spoon and gently scrape the excess syrup away, making sure not to damage the carpet fibres. The sooner you can do this, the better the end result will be.

2. Use Warm Water To Soften The Remaining Syrup

Now that any excess has been removed take your sponge or dishcloth and soak it in a container of warm water. It is important that the water is warm and not hot as you want to heat up the syrup slightly to make it easier to remove, but hot water will only make the stain worse.

Wring your cloth or sponge out and gently press it on the remaining syrup to heat it up.

3. Scrub The Syrup With A Sponge Or Cloth

After 30 seconds, scrub the syrup using the same sponge or cloth, rinsing regularly in the warm water.

If you are lucky the rest of the syrup will be removed simply from cleaning with warm water, but if the stain is still present after a couple of minutes then it is time to move on to dish soap.

4. Use Dish Soap

Mix together 1/2 tbsp of dish soap per cup of water as required for the size of the stain. It doesn’t matter what brand of dish soap you use at this stage, any generic type will work well.

Use a clean cloth and blot this mixture onto the syrup, rinsing regularly, until the rest of the syrup has been removed.

5. Use Ammonia Solution

If the syrup is still there then it is time to bring out the big guns.

Ammonia is a great cleaning agent that can be used on carpets to tackle a variety of stains, including syrup. If you have a wool carpet, however, do not use ammonia as it can cause damage.

To use ammonia, mix one-part clear ammonia to 4 parts of water as required in a container, making sure to wear rubber gloves while doing so. Apply this using a cloth or sponge and blot until the syrup has been removed.

6. Bonus – Use Carpet Shampoo

The last resort is to use carpet shampoo.

While carpet shampooing machines can work wonders for most stains, we recommend applying the shampoo by hand in this case as the machines operate at high temperatures which can cause problems with the syrup.

Simply apply a carpet shampoo – any well-known brand will do – generously over the stain and then follow the instructions on the label to remove it.


Does The Type Of Syrup Matter?

The main difference between types of syrup, whether that being maple or golden or anything in between, is the amount of sugar.

Syrups with higher sugar content tend to be thicker and stickier, which can make them more difficult to remove. This means you will probably end up using either ammonia or carpet shampoo to get rid of these types of syrup, as dish soap or water are more effective with syrup that is less thick.

What About Gelle Corn Syrup?

Gelle corn syrup can be removed by following the 6 steps in our method – it doesn’t require any other special treatment.

Do Syrup Stains Come Out?

The stain left behind from syrup will be removed either through using dish soap, ammonia or carpet shampoo.

The syrup is quite easy to remove in this sense as you can use heat to loosen it up and then tackle the rest with a stain removing solution or machine.

How Do You Remove Dried Syrup?

Dried syrup simply needs to be heated slightly to make it more fluid and it can then be removed using the steps above.

It is always easier to remove syrup before it has dried though, and if you can get to the stain straight away this will make the process much easier as you will be able to remove the majority of the syrup with a knife or spoon.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have learnt how to get syrup out of carpet by reading this article, and if you have any other queries related to the topic then don’t hesitate to get in touch.