How To Clean A Bamboo Rug: Step-By-Step

If you want to know how to clean a bamboo rug you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you through the steps for cleaning both bamboo and bamboo silk rugs quickly and easily.

Bamboo rugs tend to be easier to clean than bamboo silk rugs and can be shaken down to remove most dust or dirt. Bamboo silk rugs should be kept out of the way of high-traffic areas and are more difficult to clean if you spill a liquid on them.

Let’s look at the two methods for cleaning both bamboo and bamboo silk rugs, as well as some maintenance tips for keeping them free from damage.

What Is The Difference Between Bamboo And Bamboo Silk Rugs?

It’s important to understand the difference between these two types of rugs as it can be pretty confusing at first.

When most people think of bamboo rugs, they imagine luxurious patterned rugs made from fibers. This type of rug is actually made from bamboo silk, which is when bamboo cellulose is removed, turned into a paste and then dried out to produce a silky fiber. Bamboo silk rugs look very similar in appearance to regular silk rugs, and use a mixture of wool and bamboo silk to improve durability.

Regular bamboo rugs, on the other hand, use bamboo in its original state and look similar to jute rugs.

Now that you understand the difference, take a look through the cleaning guides below to find out how to clean your type of bamboo rug properly!

How To Clean Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs are super easy to clean and maintain because the surface is treated with a coating like polyurethane which protects it from spills and stains.

This means it can be wiped down easily, and vacuuming is a piece of cake due to the lack of fibers. Follow the steps below to clean your bamboo rug:


Dust and other dirt don’t stick to bamboo rugs very easily as the surface is smooth with no fibers.

Due to this you can simply pick up the rug and shake it. This will remove the majority of any build-up on the surface in a matter of seconds.


While shaking will remove most of the dust, there are some cases where some may be left on the surface, especially in the crevices between bamboo lengths.

For these stubborn areas use a vacuum with a crevice tool on a low setting to remove the remaining dirt. Avoid using a beater bar as this can damage the surface.

Wipe Down

Most bamboo rugs can be wiped down with a damp cloth and warm water – but you should always double-check the label for advice. Often times soap and water will be recommended, but this can vary between different manufacturers.

Despite what solution is recommended, make sure you use a small amount of liquid and don’t let it soak into the backing.

Maintaining A Bamboo Rug

Cleaning your rug is only one piece of the puzzle of maintaining a bamboo rug. Keep the points below in mind if you want to keep your rug for a long period of time.

Avoid Sunlight

Just like any wood, bamboo will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis.

If you want to maintain the color of your rug, avoid areas with direct sunlight.

Avoid Excess Water

Most bamboo rugs have a backing made from natural or artificial fibers that are used to protect the floor below from scratches.

The downside to this is that if the backing becomes wet it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which is a good argument for keeping bamboo rugs inside rather than outside.

It’s also a good reason why you should always clean up any liquid spills as soon as possible, as well as ensuring that you use small amounts of water during cleaning so that the backing doesn’t become saturated.

How To Clean Bamboo Silk Rugs

Bamboo silk rugs require different cleaning techniques due to the difference in material. While regular bamboo rugs are pretty much a solid, sealed surface bamboo silks rugs contain a mixture of bamboo silk and wool fibers which need to be cleaned and maintained differently.


When it comes to vacuuming a bamboo silk rug, you need to be as gentle as possible with the fibers to prevent accidental damage.

To do this, start by sweeping the rug with a broom from left to right (not end-to-end). After this, use a suction-only attachment to vacuum the remaining dust from the rug, working in the pile direction and not against it.

Spot Clean Stains

Small spills or stains can be cleaned up quite easily using paper towels.

Simple blot the area to remove any excess liquid, and then use a small amount of vinegar or dish soap for stubborn stains. Always blot though, don’t scrub the area or you are likely to damage the fibers.

Maintaining A Bamboo Silk Rug

Bamboo silk rugs require a little bit more work than regular bamboo rugs, which is quite obvious given the difference in material and price.

Avoid High Traffic Areas

Bamboo silk rugs are not very durable under high footfall, so keep them out of the way of areas where they will be used a lot.

The best places for bamboo silk rugs are usually in living rooms, where they can take the center stage of a room without being susceptible to heavy traffic.

Professional Cleaning Once Per Year

Bamboo silk rugs are expensive, luxurious rugs that should be treated as such.

It makes sense to have your rug professionally cleaned once per year if you can afford it.

Final Thoughts

Once you know the different types of bamboo rugs, cleaning them should be relatively straightforward.

Keep in mind that bamboo silk rugs require more maintenance and are more tricky to clean than regular bamboo rugs.