How To Stop A Jute Rug From Shedding: 6 Easy Ways

It can be difficult to know how to stop a jute rug from shedding, so we’ve researched the best ways for you to learn in this article.

Some of the best methods involve vacuuming correctly, as well as making sure you have a suitable rug pad underneath. You should also avoid high traffic areas and do your best to keep any pets away from the rug.

Let’s take a deep dive into 6 of the best methods to stop a jute rug from shedding, as well as other maintenance tips that will come in handy.

6 Ways To Prevent A Jute Rug From Shedding

There can be an almost endless amount of reasons why your jute rug is shedding, ranging from poor quality construction to how you clean the rug.

The list below summarises 6 easy ways to prevent jute rug shedding, which will hopefully highlight some of the reasons why your jute rug is shedding in the first place.

1. Vacuuming Correctly

When vacuuming a jute rug make sure to remove any brush or beater bars that are in place. Vacuums will pull fibers out of place quickly which will lead to shedding.

If there is a permanent beater bar then try to adjust it so it is barely touching the surface, and operate the vacuum on a medium to low power setting.

When vacuuming work in the direction of the grain in straight lines to prevent damage to the fibers.

2. Avoid High Traffic Areas

Jute rugs are not well suited for high traffic areas of the home like hallways or kitchens.

This is because of the nature of the material. Jute is made from plant fibers that are woven together, and as a material, it is not very resilient against footfall. We recommend placing jute rugs in places where they can complement the room without being used frequently, such as in living rooms underneath coffee tables.

3. Cleaning Properly

Cleaning jute rugs may appear easy at first, but you need to be careful to prevent the jute from absorbing too much moisture, as this can lead to damage and shedding.

We recommend using a solution of distilled white vinegar and water to gently blot any stains, and then using baking soda afterwards to deodorize the area. If you want to learn this cleaning method in-depth check out our guide.

Vacuuming is of course a part of the cleaning process, but it’s important to distinguish between cleaning stains and vacuuming as moisture can be a real problem for jute rugs.

4. Keep Pets Away

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are prone to damaging jute rugs due to their claws.

There is a reason most cat scratch pads are made from similar materials to jute, and the last thing you want is for your rug to have a similar fate.

Dogs can easily pull the fibers out of place just by running over the rug as well, so it makes sense to keep your jute rugs away from any pets where possible.

5. Wear Appropriate Footwear

This one is a bit out there, but here us out.

The fibers on jute rugs can get caught on things easily, which is one of the reasons cats and dogs can damage them so easily. So, if you wear shoes and walk over a jute rug you may catch the fibers without knowing it, especially if your shoe has deep grooves for grip.

Keep your hiking or walking boots away from jute rugs and opt for socks, slippers or simply barefoot instead to prevent shedding.

6. Use A Rug Pad

Rug pads are a great way to protect your jute rug from impacts and friction with the floor beneath.

Rug pads should be generally half an inch to 1 inch smaller than the jute rug at each end, and they will prevent shedding by protecting the fibers. Every time you stand on your jute rug or move it around there is a chance of shedding due to friction between the floor and the fibers, so a rug pad is a great idea.

Do Jute Rugs Ever Stop Shedding?

When you first buy a jute rug you may be surprised by how much they shed, but luckily most of the shedding will be hidden underneath the rug itself – you just have to make sure that you clean underneath it regularly to prevent it from building up.

But does this shedding last forever?

In most cases, the amount of shedding will lower dramatically after the first few weeks of purchasing a jute rug. Shedding can continue for years though, but in very small amounts that will become hardly noticeable over time.

Can You Seal A Jute Rug?

Jute rugs can be treated with a jute sealer that will help to protect the jute from moisture and dirt. While this is great for maintenance, it won’t prevent shedding entirely.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have learnt how to stop a jute rug from shedding by reading this article.

Remember that while you can decrease the amount of shedding, it is almost impossible to prevent it entirely.