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How Often Should You Replace Baking Soda In A Refrigerator?

How Often Should You Replace Baking Soda In A Refrigerator?

Baking soda can be used to remove odors in refrigerators, but how often should you replace baking soda in a refrigerator exactly and why does it need to be replaced?

You should replace baking soda in a refrigerator once every three months. After this time, the baking soda will be less effective at removing odors.

In the rest of this article, we will dive into the benefits of using baking soda in a fridge, how to use it effectively and some alternatives that you can consider using. Let’s jump into it.

Benefits Of Using Baking Soda In A Refrigerator

There are a few benefits to using baking soda in a fridge that you might not consider at first.


Baking does in fact remove odors in fridges and is more effective at removing mild to moderate odors than those that are very strong.

There is some controversy surrounding this, but in a lot of cases, people are simply using baking soda incorrectly and therefore not experiencing the same results that they should. We will get into using baking sofa properly in refrigerators later in the article, but it is important to clarify that it does work as an effective odor neutraliser before we move on.


Another benefit to using baking soda is that it is effective at cleaning grease and other grime that is commonly found in fridges.

You can also opt to mix it with distilled white vinegar to create an effective cleaning paste that can be used on pretty much every surface in your fridge! Or, you can simply spread it on an empty shelve and let it absorb any oils or grease.

How To Use Baking Soda In A Refrigerator

Aside from replacing the baking soda once every three months, you need to use it correctly to get the maximum benefit. 

Leave The Baking Soda Exposed

The more surface area of baking soda that is exposed, the better.

It has become almost a standard household practice to place a container of baking soda in the fridge with a small opening, but this is not very effective. If you have a small, shallow dish then this can work perfectly.

If you don’t use a large surface area, the baking soda will not absorb anywhere near as much odor as needed.

Use Enough Baking Soda

Another common mistake that people make is not using enough baking soda.

You should aim to use at least one cup of baking soda each time, and ideally more, in a shallow dish. Experiment with different amounts of baking soda to see how much you need for your fridge.

Place The Baking Soda Near To The Smell

Placing the baking soda nearer to the smell can also be beneficial.

This works best if you have certain food in the fridge that you know will leave a strong smell, such as an open can of tuna. Planning where to place the baking soda will increase its effectiveness.

Alternatives To Baking Soda In A Refrigerator

Baking soda isn’t the only natural product that you can use to get rid of odors in your fridge, however.

Check out the options below for some more inspiration for keeping your fridge smelling fresh.

Coffee Grounds

If you like the smell of coffee, then using coffee grounds can be an effective way to mask other odors in your fridge.

For this method, all you need to do is lay dry coffee grounds in a shallow dish or tray and place it on a shelf in your fridge. They will need to be replaced weekly, but it can be worthwhile if you have a coffee machine that uses fresh coffee, or if you like the smell.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is used in filters to remove impurities and can work well in fridges.

Place one cup in a shallow container and replace it monthly for the best effect.

Common Mistakes When Using Baking Soda In a Refrigerator

Although baking soda has a lot of v

Avoiding Strong Smells

If you notice a strong smell coming from your fridge even when using baking soda then you should take notice.

Since baking soda is more suited for masking moderate smells, a strong smell is likely to indicate that some food inside the fridge has gone off. This is one of the drawbacks to using baking soda in a fridge, and also one of the reasons that you should check the food inside your fridge regularly as it can be difficult to notice the first signs of food going off if the smell is masked.

Avoiding Cleaning

It is all well knowing that your fridge smells fresh, but this doesn’t mean that it is clean.

Baking soda can be misleading in this sense. If your fridge smells good, you won’t be as motivated to clean it regularly, but this is a mistake.

You should keep up with your cleaning schedule even if you don’t feel like your fridge needs to be cleaned.

Final Thoughts

Baking soda should be replaced every 3 months on average when used to remove odors in a refrigerator, but you shouldn’t use it as an excuse for not cleaning your fridge properly.

Using baking soda alongside regularly cleaning your fridge is a great strategy for keeping your fridge clean and smelling fresh.