Do Quartz Countertops Chip Easily?

Quartz countertops have been increasing in popularity over the last few decades, but with this rise in popularity comes concerns about their durability and whether they can be chipped in day to day life – so, do quartz countertops chip easily or is this a myth?

Quartz as a material is extremely hard, which means that it won’t chip easily at all. Quartz is harder than other countertop materials like granite, for example, and you would struggle to chip a quartz countertop even if you wanted to.

So, why is it that people still believe that quartz can be chipped easily?

In the rest of this article, we will explore some uncommon reasons why quartz can chip and how you can repair chips if they occur. We will also take a look at what you can do to protect your countertop from chipping, and also scratches.

Why Do People Think Quartz Can Chip Easily?

The quartz boom started in the 90s in America, which means quartz countertops haven’t been around for all that long when compared to some other types of countertops.

Furthermore, they are quite expensive which means that fewer people buy them. Due to being relatively rare, common misconceptions surrounding the material are only natural to form and these include how ‘easy’ they are to chip.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why quartz countertops may chip, in order to figure out just how unlikely it is to happen.

Why Quartz Countertops Can Chip

It’s very important to know that in cases where quartz countertops chip it is very unlikely to be your fault and also very unlikely to happen in the first place.

You should still be aware of the issues that can lead to chipping though, as there are some that can be a result of your own mistake.

Structural Instability

In some rare cases, the sample of quartz used for the countertop can have structural problems that are not noticed by the manufacturer or installer.

This is incredibly unlikely to happen, but when it happens it can result in chips forming easily as the countertop is not as strong as it usually would be.

Improper Installation

If your countertop has not been installed correctly it can be prone to chipping, regardless of how strong quartz is as a material.

Always use a reputable installer if you decide to have a quartz countertop fitted.

Cutting On The Surface

If you use your quartz countertop as a chopping board you will leave scratches behind; remember quartz is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof.

Deep scratches will damage the surface and also leave the area susceptible to chipping, so you should consider using a cutting board to prevent this from happening.

Edge Choice

Some types of edges, specifically those that are sharp, are more susceptible to chipping.

Opt for rounded edges to lower this risk.

How to Prevent Chips On Quartz Countertops

Preventing chips on quartz countertops is very easy and mostly involves following a few key points.

Protect The Surface

Keeping the surface of the countertop protected is entirely on you.

A few key things to consider for keeping the surface protected are outlined below:

  • Avoid direct heat – Just like scratches quartz is resistant to heat but not heat-proof. Avoid direct contact with hot items such as pans that have just left the stove – this can lead to surface damage which can cause chips.
  • Use the correct cleaning solution – Quartz is probably one of the easiest types of countertops to own as it can be cleaned simply with dish soap and warm water. Avoid harsh cleaning agents such as acetone as these can cause surface damage.
  • Use cutting boards – To reiterate the point from earlier, always use cutting boards when cutting food on a quartz countertop. Scratches, particularly deep scratches, can cause chips to develop over time.

Use A Reputable Manufacturer/Installer

When paying a premium for material like quartz the last thing you want is structural problems or installation errors.

We highly recommend searching properly for a reliable company with a proven track record to prevent any of these issues from arising.

Avoid Sharp Edges

As mentioned earlier, sharp edges are more likely to chip than rounded edges.

If you have the choice, opt for more rounded edges as these are less likely to chip over time.

Can Chips On Quartz Countertops Be Repaired?

If your countertop has already chipped there are ways to repair it.

Before you attempt any DIY methods or contact a stone specialist, you should check your warranty.

Check The Warranty

Pretty much every installer will provide a warranty for their work which lasts for years.

A paper copy will usually be provided once the project is complete, so use this as a reference to see if you can get the chip repaired for free before you pay somebody else to do it.

Contact A Professional

When it comes to dealing with precious stone such as quartz, it is better to contact a stone specialist who can repair the chip correctly rather than attempting to do it yourself.

If your countertop is out of warranty then this is the best option for getting the chip repaired properly.

Final Thoughts

Quartz countertops do not chip easily at all, and there are a few easy things you can do to odds even smaller.

If you do notice a chip, however, consult your warranty or get in touch with a specialist to have it repaired.