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How To Keep Recliner From Sliding On Wood Floor: 5 Top Tips

Wood flooring is a great option due to its versatility and durability, but it can cause a couple of problems, especially if you own a recliner.

The main issue with recliners on wood floors is that they are prone to sliding around which can get quite frustrating.

Our top tip for stopping this is by using small non-slip furniture grippers which are usually square-shaped pieces of a non-slip material like grooved rubber that is placed underneath your recliner to keep it in place. If your recliner has a metal underside then a rug or mat is your best option.

But why are recliners so prone to slipping on wood floors, and what other methods are there to stop this from happening?

Why Do Recliners Slip On Wooden Floors?

Recliners slip on wooden floors because the finish used on most wooden floors creates a slippery surface that doesn’t create much friction with anything above it.

This is the reason why in most living rooms with wooden flooring you will find most sofas or chairs sat on top of a thick rug or rug pad. Wood flooring is essentially the opposite of carpet in that it doesn’t provide much grip at all, especially for furniture, but on the other hand, it is much easier to maintain and clean.

Metal Framework Or Wooden Legs?

An important consideration is whether your recliner has a metal base or wooden legs.

If your recliner has a metal base, then your only option is either a rug, mat or a sheet of cork. Furniture grippers and caster cups will not work on recliners with a metal underside.

Plastic Grippers

Plastic grippers or caster cups are not what you want to use for wood floors as they can cause scratching and damage, as well as not providing enough grip for your recliner.

Rubber is always a more suitable option if you decide to use one of these options, as it will not cause any long term damage to wood floors. Rubber may only cause some marks, but these can be easily cleaned.

5 Top Tips To Keep Your Recliner From Slipping On Wood Floor

Now you understand exactly why recliners slip on wooden floors, let’s take a look at the 5 best tips you can use to stop this from happening in the future.

1. Non-Slip Furniture Grippers

Non-slip furniture grippers are designed exactly for the purpose of stopping any furniture – including recliners from slipping on your floor. They are usually made from rubber and other materials and are shaped as either square or circles.

These really are a life-saver when it comes to not only affordability but how easy they are to use as well. Our favourite pick is these furniture pads by X-Protector, as they offer a cheap and affordable way to protect your wood floor from a recliner.

Our Top Pick
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The one complaint that people mention with furniture grippers is that they don’t look aesthetically pleasing. However, if you size up your furniture correctly you can actually use a gripper that is the same size as your furniture leg and so it wouldn’t be noticeable at all.

Grippers are only a viable option for recliners with legs, however, and not those with a metal underside.

2. Furniture Caster Cups

Another option similar to a furniture gripper is a furniture caster cup.

These are shaped so that the leg of your furniture slots into the cup, rather than onto it like with a furniture gripper. The benefits of caster cups are that they can be a lot more aesthetic as they are usually finished to look like wood.

These are a great option if you want the most minimal approach.

Funiture caster cups will only work for recliners that have wooden legs, and not those with a metal framework.

3. Small Mats

A non-slip small mat can work wonders for your recliner to stop it from sliding around on wood floor.

The key here is to buy a mat that is small enough to be almost hidden when your recliner is not in use. You can also try to match the colour of the mat to your wood floor so that it is less noticeable even when the recliner is in use.

Make sure the mat that you buy is non-slip and you’ll be good to go. You should also keep in mind that the mat will likely get damaged from the weight of the recliner, so it’s not worth investing a huge amount into it as it will not be useable after.

4. Rug

Like we mentioned earlier in the post, most sofas and chairs in living rooms with wood floors are typically placed on a large area rug.

This is a great option if you have multiple pieces of furniture and it can also work pretty well for a recliner as well. The reason we didn’t make this our number one tip is because it can be hard to find a rug just for a single recliner, and smaller rugs tend to roll up on the sides easier especially near to furniture.

There are some good rug gripper options out there but that’s an added piece of work that isn’t necessary – we would only really consider using a rug worthwhile if you have a recliner sofa or more than one piece of furniture to cover.

5. Cork

This option is a little bit out there, but hear us out.

Cork is an extremely cheap material that can be cut into shape easily. It provides a thicker cushion than a typical furniture gripper and is a good option if you happen to have some at home.

The downside to cork is that the furniture will sink into it quite easily over time, so you’ll need to regularly check on it to make sure it hasn’t broken down.

Final Thoughts

Before you consider getting a furniture gripper for your recliner, be sure to check whether it has 4 legs or a wooden frame connecting it to the floor.

Once you know this you can consider the options above in our top 5 list. If you have any other suggestions then please don’t hesitate to contact us here.