How To Clean Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are stunningly gorgeous and exotic, so it is crucial to know how to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors to keep them looking this way.

The best way to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood is with a damp mop, not dripping wet. But, there are other methods that work as well as some helpful tips of dos and don’ts for how to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.

What is Brazilian Cherry Hardwood?

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors became very popular to be used in homes during the early 2000s.

Many homeowners love the rich, red tones of the wood. Many also enjoy decorating after the Brazilian cherry hardwood floors have been laid. When it comes to painting walls or furnishing the home, neutral beige tones go very well with this kind of flooring.

The name of this flooring is a bit deceiving, however, since it is not technically a member of the cherry family. The name was used since the wood has a deep red color. It is actually a legume species called jatoba, locust, or courbril. Its scientific name is Hymenaea courbaril. Jatoba comes from the rainforests of Brazil.

The main thing to remember to keep your Brazilian cherry hardwood floors looking their best is to keep them cleaned regularly. To do so, you will need to always have some cleaning supplies on hand and know the best methods that work on this type of floor.

Cleaning Items Needed

To keep a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor clean and free of dust, you will need a few cleaning supplies. Depending on the cleaning method you choose, select which ones suit you best. Some recommended cleaning supplies include:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Microfiber mop
  • Lightweight vacuum with hardwood floor settings and no beater bar
  • Terry cloth rag
  • Bucket

Cleaning Methods for Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

The best cleaning method for this type of floor is a simple damp mop hand-wash.

Whatever water you use, make sure not to oversaturate the floor. A microfiber mop is best to avoid scratches while cleaning. But, there are other methods that work as well.

Terry Cloth Mopping

Use a clean terry cloth mop or just a rag made out of terry cloth.

Spray a few drops of wax-free floor cleaner onto the cloth, and start scrubbing the floor. Pass over the floor several times to make sure you pick up every speck of debris and any dirt on the surface and in the crevices.

The terry cloth helps to pick up little pieces of dust and dirt that would otherwise be hard to wipe up.

  1. Spray a few drops of your cleaner of choice onto the terry cloth
  2. Start mopping or hand washing the floor with the cloth
  3. Make sure the floor is dry before walking across it

Dish Soap and Water

One of the easiest ways to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors is with dish soap and water.

Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with warm water. Once you have mixed up the dish soap with water, use a mop to dampen it and clean the floor.

  1. Add a few drops of dish soap to warm water in a bucket
  2. Mix the soap into the water
  3. Place a mop inside the bucket
  4. Squeeze the mop slightly making sure it is damp but not dripping wet
  5. Mop the floor
  6. After mopping, use a clean cloth to wipe the water away
  7. Dry the floor using a dry, clean towel
  8. Make sure the floor is completely dry before walking across it

Never leave excess water sitting on top of the floor since it could damage the wood

Diluted Vinegar and Water

It is safe to use vinegar to clean Brazilian cherry hardwood floors so long as you make sure it is diluted and is not left to sit to soak into the flooring for too long.

Dilute 1 cup, 236 milliliters, of white distilled vinegar with 7 to 8 liters, about 7 to 8 quarts, of water in a bucket. Soak a damp cloth in the solution, and start cleaning the floor with it.

Be sure to squeeze out any excess liquid before you begin using the mixture on the floor. Let the floor air dry thoroughly. Use a dry towel to dry out the excess moisture.

  1. Fill a bucket or other container with water
  2. Add distilled white vinegar
  3. Mix well
  4. Mop the floor using a damp mop
  5. After mopping, dry the floor using a clean towel
  6. Be sure the floor is completely rinsed free of vinegar and allowed to thoroughly dry before walking across it or returning furniture to its place

Commercial Cleaners

Many people prefer a more natural, gentle approach with household items they already have on hand to clean floors with. However, commercial hardwood floor cleaners do work as well. Use the brand that your specific floor manufacturer recommends.

For best results, never apply it directly onto the floor. Instead, spray it onto a rag or mop, and use the rag or mop to wipe the surface of the floors. Be sure to use any commercial cleaner as recommended on the container.

Never mix different types of commercial products such as those that contain ammonia with those that contain bleach. This could form a hazardous, even deadly, gas.

  1. Spray the commercial cleaner onto a rag or mop
  2. Mop the floor being careful to follow the instructions on the product label
  3. Rinse and dry the floor before using it

Deep clean

About once a year, give your Brazilian cherry hardwood floor a brand-new look by deep cleaning it. This deep cleaning goes beyond the daily cleaning routine.

  1. Use a sponge mop and a cleaner
  2. Squeeze out excess liquid
  3. Begin mopping the floor in a circular motion
  4. Rinse the mop
  5. Repeat the entire process to give the floor a nice deep cleaning and remove any dirty wax coating that has built up over time

Helpful Tips and Words of Caution

  • Never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater on hardwood floors. The beater bar will scratch Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.
  • Be sure to clean your Brazilian cherry hardwood floors regularly. Cleaning daily is ideal to keep dust and debris at bay. Never let more than 2 to 3 days go by without sweeping or mopping the floor, or it could damage the floor finish.
  • Do a more thorough cleaning about once a week, and wet clean the floor if it becomes sticky.
  • Wax the Brazilian cherry hardwood floor if any of the planks become damaged.
  • If you use a steam mop, never let it sit in one place on the surface of the floor for very long. The pressurized steam could dull the finish on the floor.
  • It is the nature of wood to absorb water, so never let water sit for too long on the surface of Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring
  • Be careful to protect the floor from direct sunlight since the ultraviolet light can cause the floor to darken
  • Do not leave area rugs or lay carpeting down on top of Brazilian cherry hardwood for an extended period of time, since it will also cause the floors to darken.

Final Thoughts

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are a great and attractive choice in flooring.

However, they tend to attract dirt and debris if they are not kept clean on a regular basis. Also, the dark finish could start to fade. Follow proper cleaning techniques to keep your Brazilian cherry hardwood floors looking their best.