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How Much Laminate Flooring Can Be Laid In A Day?

How Much Laminate Flooring Can Be Laid In A Day?

If you’re interested in getting laminate flooring you probably want to know how much laminate flooring can be laid in a day and how long will the whole process take.

Typically, a room between 400 and 600 square feet can be installed within a day, however, this can vary depending on a number of factors and can be much smaller or larger.

To fully understand how long it will take to get your laminate flooring installed you need to consider all the different things that affect it.

Factors That Affect The Amount That Can Be Laid Each Day

Let’s take a look at the exact factors that change the amount of laminate flooring that will get laid per day so you can figure out how to speed the process up.

Amount Of People Working On The Job

The first, and probably most obvious factor, is the number of people that are working on the job. In some cases, a laminate floor will be installed by one individual which can make the whole process go a lot slower.

If there are multiple people on the job then each task can be delegated efficiently and effectively. A couple of people can be working on laying each panel, while others can be measuring and cutting the panels ready to be laid.

This is an important consideration when choosing the company, or sole trader, that will be installing your flooring. It can pay dividends to choose a flooring company with an established team behind them to get the job done more quickly.

Method Of Installation

The way that the laminate flooring is installed depends on the system that is being used.

Some laminate flooring systems have subflooring that is already attached to the back that can be snapped into place. This type is much quicker than systems that need to be glued together and contain no subflooring on the back.

Planning Process

The amount of planning and effort that goes alongside this directly impacts the installation time. This is because the planning will take all the considerations into account like the type of laminate that is going to be installed, how much material will be needed, how many people are needed for the job and many more.

An efficient planning process will prevent any issues that would inevitably arise during the installation day from occurring, ultimately lowering the amount of time it will take for installation to occur.


We touched on this earlier in the method of installation section, but some flooring systems require a subfloor to be installed before the laminate can even be laid.

The type of subflooring that is suitable for the particular system can range from plywood to ceramic, and if it is required for a subfloor to be installed then the overall installation time can almost double. Usually concrete is suitable for a subflo0r, as long as it is more than a month old, and this is the more common type of subfloor to be present.

Experience Of The Workers

Another obvious factor is how good the tradesperson is and how much experience they have laying laminate floor. If you have an apprentice doing the installation as one of their first projects then they will clearly take a much longer time than someone who has been in the business for decades.