How To Control Humidity In A Refrigerator: 4 Easy Methods

Fruit and vegetables on refrigerator shelves

Keeping constant humidity in a refrigerator can be tricky, but knowing how to control humidity in a refrigerator has a lot of benefits including keeping your food fresh for longer as well as keeping the fridge cleaner. The best ways to regulate humidity include keeping the fridge door closed as much as possible, as well … Read more

Quartz Countertop Looks Cloudy: Causes and Remedies

Quartz kitchen

If your quartz countertop looks cloudy it can be quite stressful, and also difficult to tell what has caused it in the first place and whether it can be reversed. Cloudy quartz countertops are usually the result of manufacturing defects, leftover adhesive marks or using the wrong cleaning agents. In a lot of cases, you … Read more

How To Remove Rust Stains From Quartz Countertops

A kitchen with quartz countertops

Knowing how to remove rust stains from quartz countertops can be very difficult, considering how most of the cleaning agents you would typically use for rust can cause damage to the quartz – but don’t worry, we’ve researched the best way to get rid of it while keeping your quartz countertop protected. The best methods … Read more

How To Remove Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains From Countertops

A toilet bowl

Knowing how to remove toilet bowl cleaner stains from countertops can be very tricky, especially considering the different types of countertops that are available today. In all cases, the general procedure is to blot any excess solution using paper towels and then spot clean any stain left behind with a cleaning solution that is suitable … Read more

Should You Use Acetone On Quartz?

Quartz countertop kitchen

Cleaning quartz countertops doesn’t have to be rocket science, but some people try to use a variety of different chemicals and cleaning agents to get the job done, including using acetone on quartz – but is this a good idea? You should avoid using acetone on quartz because it can damage the seal, as well … Read more

How To Get Wine Stains Out Of Granite

A granite countertop

If you want to learn how to get wine stains out of granite then you’re in the right place, and it really isn’t as complicated as you would think. If your granite countertop is sealed properly, you should be able to wipe away any wine residue or ‘stain’ with a dishcloth and soap. If it … Read more

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide On Quartz Countertops?

A light blue quartz countertop surface

Quartz has become more and more popular as a material used in kitchen countertops – but can you use hydrogen peroxide on quartz countertops? Using hydrogen peroxide on quartz countertops is something that should not be done regularly, and if you decide to use it you should always dilute it properly with water to make … Read more

How To Clean Matte Kitchen Cupboards: The Easiest Method

A kitchen with matte cupboards

We all know how difficult it can be to make your matte cupboards look spotless, so knowing how to clean matte kitchen cupboards is a must if you want your kitchen to look spotless. The best way to clean matte kitchen cupboards is to simply use dish soap and water. The key to making it … Read more