How Long Does Grout Take To Dry?

A kitchen fitted with grouted tiles

Applying grout can take a lot of time and skill – but how long does grout take to dry once it has been applied? Grout typically takes between 24 and 72 hours to completely dry. Of course, the exact time is going to depend on a few factors. Factors that Affect Grout Drying Time There … Read more

How To Clean Concrete Floors After Removing Carpet

A concrete floor

Removing carpet from concrete flooring can be tricky, and it can be hard to know how to clean concrete floors after removing carpet as well, as this depends on whether the carpet was glue-down or secured using a tack strip. For glue-down carpet the priority is to remove all of the adhesive left behind after … Read more

How To Remove Mold From Silicone Rubber: 4 Easy Ways

A growth of mold

Silicone products have become so popular since they are water-resistant, and they tend to be easy to clean – but knowing how to remove mold from silicone rubber can be an invaluable skill to have. Yes, it’s true that silicone rubber can and does mold. Knowing how to remove mold from silicone rubber may be … Read more

Best Type Of Flooring For Direct Sunlight

Sunlight through a window on a wood floor

Knowing the best type of flooring for direct sunlight can save you a lot of trouble down the line if you like to have natural sunlight within your home. In this article we will explore the best type of flooring for direct sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about letting the sun into your … Read more

Why Does My Floor Make My Feet Black?

A cleaning sign on a dirty floor

Even if your floors look clean, there may be more lurking beneath your feet than you realize. It’s always a disheartening experience to walk across a floor and then look at the soles of your feet to discover they are black. It leaves you wondering, “Why does my floor make my feet black?” Well, the answer … Read more

Hand-Scraped vs Smooth Hardwood Floors: Key Differences

A close up of a hardwood floor

When deciding on what kind of hardwood floors to buy, it’s important to know the key differences between hand-scraped vs smooth hardwood floors. Namely, the most obvious difference is in their appearance. Smooth hardwood floors are, as the name implies, smooth. Whereas hand-scraped hardwood floors look more rustic, with groves purposely added, to look as … Read more

How To Clean A Laminate Floor Without Streaking

A laminate floor hallway leading to a bedroom

Cleaning laminate flooring the wrong way can leave streaks behind, so it is crucial to know how to clean a laminate floor without streaking. The best way to do this is to keep it well maintained, catch spills early, and use the right kind of cleaner. Additionally, be sure that the floors are completely dry … Read more

How To Clean And Prevent Footprints On Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring

Knowing how to clean and prevent footprints on vinyl plank flooring is crucial for keeping a clean home. The most important way to clean and prevent footprints on vinyl plank flooring is to properly clean it, and keep it well maintained. Never use cleaners that are oil-based, since they will leave behind a residue that … Read more

Can You Stack Laminate Flooring To Acclimate?

Laminate flooring stack

Because of the way it is made, with the potential of absorbing moisture from humidity levels in the air, laminate flooring needs to acclimate to the room’s temperature and humidity levels before it can be installed properly – but can you stack laminate flooring to acclimate? Laminate needs to be acclimated for between 48 and 72 … Read more