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How To Install Outdoor Carpet On Concrete: Step By Step

If you want to learn how to install outdoor carpet on concrete then you’ve landed in the right place.

It’s not actually that hard to install outdoor carpet on concrete, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that you can follow to easily get the job done. Before you can start, however, you’ll want to make sure that you prepare the concrete floor beforehand.

How To Prepare A Concrete Floor For Outdoor Carpet Installation

If you want to properly install outdoor carpet on to concrete, the first thing you need to do is prepare the floor below it.

If you don’t follow the steps below you’ll only create more problems for yourself further down the line. This is because a clean surface is crucial in making sure the carpet can actually stick to the floor.

Excess dirt and dust will reduce the adhesion between the concrete and carpet, so let’s have a look at the simple steps to follow to stop this from happening.

Pick Up Any Noticeable Debris

If you can see any larger chunks of debris, such as stones or even glass, then pick these up first before you begin to vacuum. We highly advise using a pair of extra thick work gloves to do this, or a brush and dustpan.

The point here is to ensure that your hand is safe from getting cut on any sharp objects that are on the floor. Once you’ve removed any objects that may damage your vacuum you can move to the next point.

Vacuum The Floor

A deep and thorough vacuum of the floor will help to clear any debris or dust sitting on the surface, as well as dislodging any other particles that are stuck to the floor.

If there are any sharp corners and edges then take more time on those areas as this is where more dust is likely to have settled. Once you’re happy that you’ve removed all the loose dirt and dust that you can then you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Mop The Floor Using A Concrete Floor Cleaner

Now that all the debris and dust has been removed then it’s time to clean the floor to remove any other particles that weren’t picked up during the last two steps.

A mop and bucket can work wonders to properly clean a floor – especially something like concrete that is likely to contain a lot of surface grime and oils. Work a concrete floor cleaner into the floor gently with a mop, or even a detergent solution, to release any oils or stains on the surface.

Once you’ve thoroughly mopped up then allow the floor to completely dry.

In some severe cases you might even need to use a jet washer to completely remove all dirt from the surface, but only do this if you are familiar with how to use one.

Your concrete floor is now ready to be sized up and fitted with an outdoor carpet!

Size Up The Floor To See How Much Carpet You Need

Using a measuring tape measure the length and width of the space that you want to carpet. Multiply these together to get the square feet of space that you need to cover with outdoor carpet to make sure you are prepared to install it right away.

How To Install Outdoor Carpet On Concrete

Now you’ve calculated how much carpet you need as well as prepared the floor for the installation, you are ready to begin laying the carpet.

Roll And Cut The Carpet To Size

Start by placing the roll of carpet parallel to the wall where you want the carpet to start from and roll it to the next wall. If there are no walls then treat the edge of the concrete as the floor and try to line the roll of carpet up to that point.

Once in position roll the carpet to the opposite wall and mark the point where the carpet meets the other wall with a chalk line. Once you have your chalk line you can repeat this process for the rest of the carpet.

After you have sized up the carpet cut along the chalk lines you have made using a razor .

Apply Floor Adhesive

Now that your carpet is cut into the size you need to apply a strong carpet adhesive – any of the big brands will do the job.

Apply a generous amount of adhesive directly to the floor according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A notched trowel is a great tool to use to spread the adhesive evenly, but again there will be directions to help you make your decision.

Install The Carpet

Once the adhesive is on the floor you can begin rolling the carpet onto it. Start by rolling the carpet in the same order as you cut it, to make sure it all fits together properly.

A flooring roller will come in handy here to secure the carpet to the concrete. Once you’ve went over the carpet with a roller then you’re just about done!

Benefits Of Outdoor Carpet For Concrete

There are loads of benefits to using outdoor carpet for concrete, but the choice to install it usually boils down to two main reasons.


Let’s face it, a plain concrete floor looks more suited to prison than at your house.

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to install outdoor carpets. Not only does an outdoor carpet look much more visually appealing, but it’s a cheaper option than say installing a hardwood floor or indoor carpet.


Another key reason why outdoor carpets are so great for concrete is that they are much less slippery. A bare concrete slab can be slippery to walk over, and much worse if it is or has been raining.

If you have younger children or older relatives that come to visit it can prove to be a safety hazard and is one of the more popular reasons behind installing outdoor carpet over it.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the steps above then you shouldn’t run into any difficulties when learning how to install outdoor carpet on concrete. If you have any other questions regarding this guide then don’t hesitate to let us know here!