How To Clean Dog Vomit From Wool Rugs

If you want to know how to clean dog vomit from wool rugs you’ve come to the right place.

The general method to clean dog vomit involves first removing any visible particle with a plastic spoon or utensil. After this, the area can be blotted to remove excess moisture; followed by a series of cleaning steps to neutralize the vomit, as well as remove the odor and clean up the stain.

Although challenging, it is possible to fully clean after a dog has vomited on a wool rug. In this article, we will take you through the steps required to remove it, as well as some tips to prevent it from happening in the future.

Let’s jump into it.

Cleaning Dog From Wool Rugs: Step By Step

There are many benefits to wool rugs, but the ease of cleaning definitely isn’t one of them.

Despite this, you can still remove even the most difficult of messes from them, including dog vomit. Follow the steps below to fully remove dog vomit from your wool rug:

Gear Up

When it comes to vomit you need to wear the appropriate accessories.

We generally recommend wearing rubber gloves at a minimum, as well as a face mask if you are not comfortable with the smell. Opening any windows nearby can also help to circulate the smell and freshen the air.

Remove Large Pieces

The first step of action is to remove any larger particles that are present, as these will be difficult to remove and can easily get pressed into the carpet fibres where they will be extremely difficult to dislodge.

To do this take an old spoon or utensil that can scoop the particles out. Those with strong stomachs can pick up pieces by hand if possible.

Blot Excess Moisture

Once the larger particles are removed it’s time to blot any excess moisture using paper towels.

Avoid using a cloth or rag at this time as it is very difficult to clean vomit from them. Paper towels are the best option as they can be simply discarded right after use.

Gently press the paper towels into the affected area until most of the moisture is removed. If you notice any more particles at this time then simply remove them as you go.

Apply Warm Water And Distilled White Vinegar

Once you’ve blotted most of the liquid away it’s time to clean the area using a solution of distilled white vinegar and warm water. Distilled white vinegar is a great option as it is widely available, cheap and also has a wide array of cleaning properties which makes it perfect for the job.

Use a one to one ratio of vinegar to water and mix this solution in a spray bottle for easy application (you can also use a bowl). Apply the solution generously to the affected area and use a dishcloth or non-abrasive scrubber to wipe the area down.

Rinse regularly with the solution and keep going until any color from the vomit has been removed, and then let it air dry for a few hours.

Use Baking Soda To Deodorise

The next step is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area once it is dry. Baking soda will deodorise the area and also absorb the remaining grease or oil.

Leave this overnight and then vacuum it away in the morning using a rug-friendly attachment.

Apply A Carpet Cleaning Solution

This final step may seem like overkill, but it’s worth doing to ensure that all of the vomit has been removed.

We recommend using a carpet cleaning solution, any solution recommended by the manufacturer of your rug will do, to give the area one final clean. Most carpet cleaners are applied as a foam or spray and then vacuumed away after a period of time, but always follow the instructions on the label.

How To Prevent Dog Vomit On Wool Rugs

It’s a lot easier to stop the vomit from reaching the rug in the first place than it is to clean it up afterwards. Consider using some of the tactics listed below to keep your rug free from vomit.

Move The Rug

This one is obvious, but if your dog has an illness that is causing vomiting the best thing you can do is simply move your rug out of the way.

There aren’t many surfaces that will be tougher to clean vomit from than wool rugs, so it makes sense to move it out of the way. Consider placing your rug in another room for the duration of the sickness.

Watch Your Dog Closely

If you can’t move the rug out of the way then you’ll have to keep an eye on your dog.

It can be tricky to tell when a dog is going to vomit, but there are usually some signs such as retching or panting. If you can spot the signs early enough you can put your dog outside before your rug gets in the firing line.

Treat Your Dog Quickly

It can be quite common for a dog to vomit, but you should look out for signs that something more serious is going on and decide whether to take them to the vets – a useful guide for this can be found here.

Aside from that, consider fasting your dog or using bland food to reduce vomiting.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have a good understanding of how to clean dog vomit from wool rugs after reading this article.

Don’t let this persuade you away from wool rugs either! They have lots of benefits, and if you use the tips in this article you can attempt to keep them free from vomit in the future.