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Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

If you have an issue with fleas in your carpet, there is no doubt you will have considered professional carpet cleaning in order to remove them, but does carpet cleaning kill fleas or not?

Due to the high temperature and steam, professional carpet cleaning does kill fleas, but it will only tackle the fleas that are in the carpet. If you have a flea infestation for a number of other reasons then the fleas will simply return to the carpet after it has been cleaned and your problem will continue.

So, given that fleas can live an average of 2 to 4 months in carpet, how exactly should you get rid of them for good?

Why Carpet Cleaning Can’t Tackle An Infestation

Carpet cleaning using a professional machine will kill any fleas that it is used on due to the high temperature. This will also remove flea larvae that may be hidden in the deeper parts of your carpet.

The issue with fleas is that if you have them in your carpet, it is almost a certainty that they will have spread to other areas of the house. Therefore, even if you remove all fleas from your carpet using a cleaner, they will return in a matter of hours if you don’t remove them from other areas of the house.

We’ve rounded up a few places where fleas are most likely to be found if you have already noticed them in your carpet, as well as the best ways to get rid of them from said areas, below.


Whilst leather sofas tend to be safe from flea infestations, fabric and upholstered furniture are vulnerable to them.

If your infestation has spread to items of furniture like this then you need to perform a deep clean using a steam cleaner and use a flea repellent spray. This can be difficult to get right though, and it is worth getting a professional consultation particularly if your infestation is widespread.

Our recommendation for flea spray can be found below which works great if you notice fleas in the beginning stage of an infestation.

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Animals are the most common reason for fleas entering the home.

Dogs are prone to picking up fleas on walks, particularly through fields, woodland and grassy areas. If you have an outdoor cat they can pick up fleas easily whilst roaming around.

Both dogs and cats then bring the fleas directly into your home whilst providing a host for them to feed on which increases the lifespan of the fleas. Luckily there are a lot of products available for treating and preventing fleas on animals that you are likely using anyway – just remember to keep up to date as most of these products require re-application every few months.


Curtains are another place where fleas can be found and the treatment is very much the same as furniture. Simply steam clean and apply flea repellent spray to ensure that any larvae or fleas are killed.

The Right Way To Tackle Fleas In Carpet

The first step to removing fleas from your carpet is to professionally clean the entirety of it using a steam cleaning machine.

You can either pay a carpet cleaning company or rent a machine, with renting being more affordable the more rooms you have to clean. Once you’ve had your carpet cleaned spray it with flea repellent spray.

Once you’ve done this leave your carpet for a week and check for fleas again.

Fleas Reappearing

If fleas reappear after a week, it is highly likely that you have an infestation

At this stage check your furniture, pets and curtains for the presence of fleas and follow the steps from earlier to treat these locations. Clean your carpet again and wait another week to see if the fleas are gone or not.

When You Should Contact A Professional

It comes down to a personal decision when to contact a professional, but it can be a wise choice if you notice fleas reappearing even after your carpet has been professionally cleaned.

Flea infestations can be quite severe and pest control companies can use what is known as a ‘fogger’ which fills the entire house with a chemical to kill all fleas.

This is the ultimate way to rid an entire house of fleas but is usually the last resort.

Final Thoughts

Fleas can be a real pain if they end up in your carpet, but in most cases, they can be easily removed with steam cleaning.

If they reappear, it may be time to contact a professional pest control company or look at other areas of the house where the problem can be coming from. If you have any other tips for removing fleas from carpet then don’t hesitate to let us know here.