Why are sofas so expensive?

If you’ve ever looked at the price of a sofa and wondered why it costs so much, you’re not alone. There are many people like yourself who have questioned the price of a sofa, and today we are going to look into the reasons exactly why sofas cost so much.

If you’re looking for a brief summary, the reasons why sofas are so expensive can be summarised under the quality of materials, design, build quality and craftmanship.

Read below as we dive into each of these areas to uncover the costs behind building a sofa.

Quality of materials

Four important factors – the springs, filling, hardwood frames, and fabrics – play an important role in making a sofa durable and of high quality. If a sofa manufacturer decides to go cheap on any one of these factors, the quality of the sofa will be compromised.

The quality of hardwood components, sofa filling and springs can make a sofas expensive.

  • Some popular woods used in sofas including oak and maple do not come cheap, and should be preferred as they provide the base for your sofa to be supported on.
  • The sofa filling that you choose can also make a big impact in price, with feather fillings being the most expensive and luxurious.
  • Springs are relatively cheap compared to the others but must be high quality as they provide extra support to the sofa frame.

Then you must consider the fabric used to make your sofa. The value of the fabric can change drastically depending on the material used and its pattern/print, and the manufacturing process. Some of the top quality fabrics include leather and velvet, and can cost well over £1000 depending on the type of sofa you want.

Design and style

You can find just about any design or style of sofa that you want in todays market. The main style of sofa that you will come across are:

  • Recliner Sofas – Recliner sofas tend to be on the more expensive side as they come with a build in mechanism to recline the back rest on an angle and raise the leg support to provide extra comfort. Some recliners can rely on electric to work their mechanism and others use a mechanical switch, with the electrical versions giving more customisation in position.
  • Corner Sofas – Corner sofas are also on the more expensive side as they are larger than your classic 2 or 3 seater sofa. Corner sofas are favoured by many as they make it easier to lay down on your sofa and get comfortable.
  • Classic Sofas – Your classic sofa also has many sub categories, but for the sake of this list lets just stick to 2 and 3 seater sofas. These are usually the most affordable of the sofas out there but the price can rise drastically with material choice.
  • Sofa BedsSofa beds have the added functionality of folding out as a bed if needed. These are particularly useful in rented accommodations or hotels where space is of upmost importance.
  • Love Seats – Love seats are a special large sofa chair which are built to house two people, hence the name. Love sears have been a hit in recent years and tend to be very expensive for what they are, though are usually made in high quality fabrics.

There are many other designs, but you get the point.

Style also plays a big role in the costs of sofas, as people are willing to pay more for a particular style of sofa that they prefer. Some of the most popular styles on the market today include:

  • Modern – Modern style sofas are one of the most common styles of sofa you will see today. The modern style is simplistic and usually made with natural materials. These type of sofa will normally be seen raised from the floor with as little styling to the seats and armrests as possible to keep the simplistic feel. Due to their simplicity, modern sofas can be affordable in most cases.
  • Chesterfield – Chances are you will have not only heard of a Chesterfield sofa but also wanted to buy one at some point. Although the definition has varied slightly through the years, an original Chesterfield sofa is large with equal height arms and back. They are usually upholstered in dark leather with an iconic deep button design, and can cost a considerable amount.
  • Designer – Designer sofas are what they say on the tin; made by designers. They are almost always expensive as you are paying for the brand craftsmanship and build quality.

Build quality and Craftsmanship

A well-constructed sofa offers you the comfort, support, luxury, and style that you look for. As mentioned above, the quality of the materials makes an impact on the cost, but the build quality is also extremely vital.

Build quality and craftmanship go hand in hand. A sofa with good build quality comes directly from the people who build the sofa itself. These craftsman will have typically spent years learning all about sofas and how to build them to last. With this sort of expertise, there is no wonder why these people are paid well. 

There are cases where some sofas can be produced via a production line, which can drive the cost down considerably. However these type of sofas will not exhibit the finer details and durability of hand crafted sofas.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, if there are any other factors you would like us to include don’t hesitate to contact us here.