Top 5 Best Sofas for Rental Properties

Are you the owner of a buy-to-let property looking to improve your yield? Or are you moving into your first rented home and it’s unfurnished? Finding high-quality furniture at an affordable price isn’t easy but we’ve got you covered with the top 5 best sofas for rental properties.

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What to consider when buying a sofa for a rental property

Before jumping into our picks for the best sofas for rental properties, let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when making a purchase.

Fire Resistance

This is important, especially for those of you furnishing a buy-to-let property. Any furniture you bring into a rental property should be fire resistance and the same holds for your sofa.

The majority of furniture made nowadays will have been made with fire safety in mind. The manufacturer will usually make it very clear that their furniture has passed the relevant fire-safety checks by attaching a large tag to an inconspicuous location such as the underside. If you are unable to see any such tags, you should contact the manufacturer directly and double-check they meet the requirements.

If you are the person moving into an unfurnished rental property, always check the landlord’s regulations before purchasing any furniture.

Affordable Cost

When it comes to furnishing a rental property, you’ll likely want to save as much money as possible. This doesn’t mean going with the cheapest option available, but there’s also no reason to go all out and get the most lavish furniture you can find.

Buying a sofa is going to be one of the more expensive furnishing’s you’ll have to buy. Depending on your situation, it’s important to think of a budget to set yourself. For example, as the owner of a rental property you should consider putting more money towards a sofa to ensure it is durable enough to last through many tenancies. You should also adjust your budget depending on the price you’re planning to rent the property out at as for example, a higher quality sofa could attract higher paying tenants.

If you’re simply renting a place short term, you might be looking for the cheapest sofa possible to simply see you through.

Optimising the space

Rental properties come in all shapes and sizes and one of the most defining furniture features is the sofa. It’s important to look at the needs of the space you’re working with before diving into sofa hunting.

For example, smaller spaces often benefit from corner style sofas. This is because they can be tucked away into the corner of the room (as the name suggests) and they offer more space to relax on than a typical 2 or 3-seater. If your rental property has only 1 bedroom, then investing in a sofa bed is the perfect way to utilise the space and make sure your tenants can still invite guests over.

Larger rental properties may need a sofa suite to adequately fill the space (i.e a 3-seater and a 2-seater or an armchair). Several companies offer sofa suites at an affordable price and you will usually get a discount compared to buying each sofa individually.

The top 5 best sofas for rental properties

Now you know what to look out for, we’ve compiled what we think are the top 5 best sofas for rental properties to help you come to a decision. Each sofa on this list is handpicked by us with our tips in mind and cost under £500. No matter the needs of your rental space, you’re guaranteed to find what you need on our list.

The All-Rounder

[lasso geni_url=”” ref=”kris-corner-sofa-bed-by-honeypot” id=”134″ link_id=”3001984″]

If you’re looking to get more for your money, the Kris Corner Sofa Bed is perfect for you. Not only is it a comfortable and stylish three-seater with a chaise lounge, but it can easily be converted into a roomy double bed within minutes. This makes it perfect for single bedroom buy-to-let properties as the tenants will be able to invite guests over.

As if this sofa couldn’t get any better, it also has two large storage containers giving tenants even more space for their belongings. The Kris Corner Sofa Bed is universal meaning that it can be set up with the chaise lounge on the right- or left-hand side on delivery.

Honeypot also offer a generous 12-month guarantee on their sofas along with a free 2-man delivery and set-up team to the majority of postcodes in the UK.


The Comfort Option

[lasso geni_url=”” ref=”boston-2-seater-recliner-sofa-by-furnituremaxi” id=”135″ link_id=”3001985″]

Undoubtedly one of the comfiest sofas for your rental property is the Boston 2-Seater Recliner Sofa by Furnituremaxi. As suggested in the name, both individual seats can be reclined to three different settings allowing your tenants to relax and put their feet up. If that wasn’t already good enough, the seat cushions are fitted with foam encapsulated pocket springs providing added support and ultimate comfort.

The sofa is available in 5 different neutral colours, with some of them made from fabric and others made from high-quality leather allowing you to choose the best sofa for your space. There is contemporary stitching detail on the seat and back cushions as an added touch of quality.

If you’re looking to fill a larger space, Furnituremaxi also offer matching 3-seater and 1-seater reclining sofas. Some assembly is required although reviews mention it is a very easy process.


The Affordable Choice

[lasso geni_url=”” ref=”modern-3-seater-by-panana” id=”138″ link_id=”3001986″]

Our personal favourite safe for modern rental spaces is the Modern 3 Seater by Panana. Available in six different colours, including a crushed velvet finish, this sofa is perfect for the minimalists among you.

This sofa arrives flat packed but is very easy to put together and requires minimal assembly. As an added bonus, the sofa can be transformed into a comfortable single bed with a simple clicking mechanism that lowers the back support. There is also an in-between setting that puts the sofa in a reclined position for extra comfort.

This sofa is one of the most affordable on the market and will be the perfect addition to any rental property. Its simple design can be dressed up or down with cushions and throws that match the style of your room.


The Classic Style

[lasso geni_url=”” ref=”corner-sofa-by-laura-james” id=”139″ link_id=”3001987″]

The Corner Sofa by Laura James is a classic design that will undoubtedly look good in any rental property – regardless of the interior style. We particularly love it for compact spaces as it offers plenty of room to stretch out without taking up too much room.

The sofa can be assembled as both a left and right-hand corner sofa and it is fully compliant with UK fire and safety regulations. It comes with several cushions that match the grey upholstery of the rest of the sofa. Laura James claim their sofa is built to last years and with the many great reviews left on Amazon, we certainly believe it.


The Homely Option

[lasso geni_url=”” ref=”verona-fabric-3-seater-by-honeypot” id=”141″ link_id=”3001988″]

If you’re furnishing a rental property intended for a family, we cannot recommend the Verona Fabric 3-Seater by Honeypot enough. The soft fabric upholstery and casual style make this sofa perfect for family homes and the high-quality materials will ensure it lasts through many tenancies.

What we particularly love about his sofa is that it comes from a brand that’s dedicated to providing high-quality furniture at a low price. We’ve already mentioned Honeypot on this article but their customer service goes unmatched. This sofa comes with 12 months guarantee and a 2-man delivery team to get your sofa assembled without you having to lift a finger.

This 2-seater is part of a larger available collection under the name ‘Verona’ that includes a footstool, sofabed, and swivel chair amongst other things. This means you can tailor your rental space to the needs of your prospective tenants.

The high-quality materials and construction also mean that those of you moving into an unfurnished rental property will be able to keep this sofa in the future for your own property as it is bound to last.


Final Thoughts

Finding the best sofas for rental properties doesn’t need to be difficult as shown by our recommendations. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in the article, or about furnishing a rental property, please get in contact with us here.