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How To Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Vinyl Floor

If you’ve struggled to keep a floor mat in place on a vinyl floor, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with how to keep floor mats from sliding on vinyl floor with methods.

We recommend using a non-slip rug pad to stop your floor mat from sliding on vinyl floor; you can also consider using rug grippers, double-sided tape, or even velcro.

Let’s learn exactly why vinyl floor is so slippery and the methods you can use to stop a floor mat from sliding on it.

Why Do Floor Mats Slip On Vinyl Floor?

Most people think that vinyl floor is super slippery and that is the only reason why a floor mat would slip on it, but there are actually more factors than just that – let’s take a look.

Lack Of Friction

Vinyl floors can be slippery, there’s no doubt about that, and this can lead to floor mats slipping easily on them.

The reason that vinyl floors are slippy is usually because of the finish that is used to seal them or due to a build-up of grease and dirt on the surface. It can also be affected by floor polish or if your floor has been recently cleaned.

All of these factors reduce the friction between the floor itself and the floor mat, leading to an increased chance of slipping.

Not all vinyl floors are slippery though, and your floor mat may still slip anyway for other reasons. Let’s take a look at these now.

Floor Mat Backing Material

The other culprit that can reduce friction is the material of the floor mat’s backing.

Typically a rubber backing will be used that has quite a good grip, especially if it has been made into a pattern to promote better grip. However other materials such as plastic or even natural fibres such as felt have much less grip and can slip a lot easier.

This is usually the second most common issue that people face and is easily recognised if your floor is actually not slippery itself.

Dirt Build-Up On Floor Mat/The Floor Itself

Another common reason why your mat might be slipping is because of dirt and dust built up either on your floor or the mat backing.

Dirt and dust can make a floor more slippery as it ‘loosens’ the surface making your mat more likely to move around. If you’ve ever worked over a dusty vinyl floor with socks on you’ll know all too well how slippery it can become.

Methods To Stop A Floor Mat Slipping On Vinyl

So, now that you understand why your floor mat might slip on vinyl, what precautions can you take to stop this from happening again in the future?

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is an amazing option to keep a floor mat from slipping on vinyl.

It works by bonding on each side to provide a strong grip, and the best part is that if you buy the right brand it doesn’t leave any marks at all. It’s also really affordable, and can even be used for rugs on carpet.

Our to pick is this Xtra strong rug gripper tape which is really affordable and does a great job at sticking the mat down to the floor.

Xtra Strong Double Sided Carpet Rug Gripper Tape

Secure your carpet to prevent fraying!

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08/14/2022 08:27 am GMT

To use double-sided tape you need to secure all 4 corners of the rug to the floor. To do this we recommend two pieces of tape per corner, making eight in total, placed at each side of the point of each corner for a secure grip.

Use A Non-Slip Pad

Another great idea is to use a non-slip pad which is placed underneath a floor mat to keep it in place. This has lots of benefits:

  • Reduces chances of slipping – Non-slip pads are designed specifically to stop your mat from moving around, and they do a great job at doing just that.
  • Makes your mat more comfortable to walk on – A pad underneath your mat will add an extra layer of material that will make your mat just that bit more comfortable and cushioned.
  • Reduces the likelihood of your floor becoming marked – Non-slip pads are also designed with marking in mind, and use materials that are friendly to vinyl floors to prevent it from becoming marked or scuffed.

Non-slip pads are also really easy to cut to shape so you’ll be able to use one no matter the size of your mat.

Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are a bit more of a permanent fix as they will be difficult to remove and are likely to at least leave some surface marks on your vinyl floor when you need to remove them.

We decided to include these because they provide a LOT of grip and they cost very little to buy. Simply cut them into shape and then place them onto the corners of your mat along the edges.

Once you’ve initially placed them remove the paper to reveal the sticky part of the strip on the softer half of the velcro which will be stuck on the floor. The rougher half can then be peeled back to be stuck to the mat.

Now all you have to do is stick the two sides together and that’s that. Just remember that it can be difficult to remove velcro once its been fitted, so this is really more of a long term solution.

Place Furniture On Top

If you need a fast solution, you can simply place furniture on top of your mat to secure it in position.

Chairs and cabinets work great for this, but you can even use a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa. This will likely cause an indentation on your mat though so keep that in mind before you go ahead with this tip.

Thoroughly Clean Your Floor

Like we mentioned earlier, a vinyl floor can become much more slippery if it hasn’t been cleaned, so be sure to clean your floor regularly if you want to reduce the chances of your mat slipping.

Vacuuming will do 99% of the work here as it will remove any surface dust or debris, but you can always mop up afterwards using a vinyl floor cleaning solution to finish the job.

Move The Mat To A Low-Traffic Area

A mat won’t slip every single time you walk over it unless your floor is extremely slippery.

So, if you have a mat in a high traffic area such as a hallway then there will be more occasions when people walk over it, meaning a higher chance for it to slip. You can avoid this by simply moving your mat to a lower traffic area.

Final Thoughts

There are almost endless options to stop a mat moving around on a vinyl floor, so make sure to take the time to pick the right option for your circumstances.

If you have any other questions then please let us know here!